Legal Defense and Support

Legal Defense

GIJN is pleased to offer free legal advice to selected watchdog media organizations, thanks to a partnership with Media Defence, a nonprofit that provides legal support to media organizations. GIJN will first assess an organization’s need for these services and then Media Defence can step in. Media Defence will offer legal support globally in instances related to legal defense only. Other services, such as  pre-publication vetting and contract review are available below.

Please contact GIJN’s Help Desk for further information.

Legal Support

GIJN is pleased to offer additional free legal support to selected watchdog media organizations, thanks to the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice, a nonprofit that provides pro bono legal representation to journalists and civil society organizations with its network of more than 600 lawyers around the world.

The Vance Center will support GIJN Advisory Services by providing advice on the legal support and related practices needed by watchdog organizations to sustain their work effectively. Such support includes:

– Pre-publication or pre-broadcast review;

– Registration as a nonprofit or NGO;

– Contract review and negotiation;

Pro bono pre-publication or pre-broadcast advice will be offered to selected watchdog media organizations who fulfill the following criteria:

– Request must be from a registered nonprofit media organization;

– Watchdog organization has put a selected story through both fact-checking and editorial processes;

– Watchdog organization is prepared to share the details of the investigation and evidence gathering process;

– Watchdog organization has previously discussed legal and other risks involved in pursuing specific reporting under discussion.

Interested in applying for assistance? Contact us through the GIJN’s Help Desk for a referral.