It’s not enough to produce great reporting. Journalists need a viable, well-structured base to support their work. Creating a sustainable, independent media business, especially one that focuses on watchdog journalism, is complex. Among the issues to consider: drawing up a business plan, the best tools for measuring audiences, implementing models like nonprofits, co-ops, and memberships, revenue diversification, and best practices for managing newsrooms. 

Thanks to our partnership with the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) and their 25 years of supporting independent media towards sustainability with in-depth knowledge and advice, GIJN Advisory Services is able to offer access to some of the best consultants in the business of journalism. MDIF’s mission is to invest in independent media around the world that provide the news, information and debate that people need to build free, thriving societies. As a result, its team has long experience in tailored technical assistance and advisory services to independent media worldwide.   

GIJN Advisory Services will refer selected watchdog media organizations to MDIF for advice about media sustainability issues so that these investigative outlets can gain from MDIF’s long-standing experience and global network of experts. Some of these services may require payment to MDIF or its selected consultants.

Please contact GIJN’s Help Desk for further information.