Investigative and in-depth data journalism require specialized skills and knowledge, from training in the latest techniques to a dedicated newsroom structure that supports watchdog reporting. GIJN offers an array of services to help journalists and their organizations build capacity to do this important work. 

The GIJN Resource Center provides more than a thousand tip sheets, reporting guides, and instructional videos on topics ranging from tracking planes and ships to best ways to set up an independent reporting center. It includes sections on Reporting Tips & Tools, Sustainability Strategies, Fundraising, Safety & Security, Distribution & Promotion, Teaching & Training, and more. Many of the guides are available in multiple languages. 

The GIJN Help Desk responds to nearly 200 inquiries each month. Our team of regional editors speak a dozen languages and can help you find the latest reporting techniques; put you in touch with colleagues, sources, and experts around the world; and offer tips on everything from distribution and promotion to grants and fellowships. To respond to these inquiries, GIJN relies on its multilingual staff, member organizations in 82 countries, and a network of experts drawn from our extensive training workshops and conferences. And if we can’t find a quick answer, we’ll tell you where to go next.

GIJN Advisory Services Assessments provide evaluations of the quality and structure of an organization’s investigative journalism. Among the areas covered: investigative methodology, structure and management of investigative team or reporters, online searching techniques, database access, writing and editing, capacity for collaboration, use of data and documents, advanced techniques, fact-checking and legal review, presentation and distribution, safety and security. On data journalism, GIJN can draw on experts to evaluate and advise on data gathering, analysis, cleaning, visualization, and more. By application only.